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Finding a job is far more complicated than it should be. At BlueRecruit, we don’t think that getting a job should come down to how good your resume or cover letter are, but rather how skilled you are in your craft. That is why we are building the most efficient and effective software ever, so that companies throughout our country can find you, America’s workers. Once complete, all you will have to do to be connected with companies seeking your talent is create a profile to show your experience, certifications, education, salary range, location, criminal background, and veteran status. When a company seeks to interview you, you will then receive a notification asking if you wish to speak with them. If so, then an interview can be scheduled….it can’t be any easier.

Take a moment to send us your information so that we can keep you updated on our progress and be sure to check out the Knowledge Center. The Knowledge Center has useful articles relating to job searches, interviewing, and general career information. Also, feel free to leave us a message on any article you find interesting or would like additional information.

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