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, Blue Recruit

Built for the trades

, Blue Recruit

Sorting Through Resumes & Job Posts is WASTEFUL.

BlueRecruit matches skilled tradespeople to hiring companies based on the experience & certifications in demand.

We built BlueRecruit to create a better way for tradespeople to find work. There’s no need for a resume and we don’t require a complicated application. In 5 minutes, on your smartphone, you can create a profile with your experience, salary requirements, and certifications. Once we have your profile, employers will contact you to schedule an interview.

A Few of Our Clients

Client Testimonial

, Blue Recruit

“BlueRecruit has been a game changer for finding talent!”

Lorraine from Teph Seal
Orlando, FL
, Blue Recruit

“BlueRecruit has been exceptional in their easy-to-use search tool of finding the right candidate for the right job.”

Andres from Ulterra
Fort Worth, TX
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