FOR RELEASE August 23, 2023:
[Raleigh, NC] – AUGUST 23, 2023 – BlueRecruit today announces a partnership with SkillsUSA to connect students and graduates of SkillsUSA to employers across North America.

“Our new partnership with SkillsUSA is a game changer. We could not be more excited to partner with such an exceptionally run and impactful trades focused organization. Every day we hear from skilled trades leaders of the exceptional difficulty they are experiencing finding and connecting with talent. That is why this partnership allows us to better serve the thousands of companies that trust SkillsUSA, but more importantly know the high caliber of training their graduates hold. We could not find a better industry partner to work with,” stated Rich Camacho, the CEO of BlueRecruit. “Our mission at BlueRecruit is to provide America’s workers a revolutionary path to success, and this partnership is a perfect step on the way to achieving that goal.”

BlueRecruit and SkillsUSA are working together to help bring exceptionally well-trained students and graduates to BlueRecruit’s customers. With this partnership, employers throughout the US and Canada will be able to select graduates with the exact skills and experience their teams need to grow. “BlueRecruit is at the forefront of recruiting for all blue-collar trades,” stated SkillsUSA Executive Director Chelle Travis. “With their support, we can continue our essential work to close the skills gap, while presenting robust opportunities for young workers who enjoy challenging careers that offer stability and benefits.”

Interested in learning more about our partnership and how your company can interview and hire SkillsUSA gradates? Click here to learn more and get started!

SkillsUSA is America’s proud champion of the skilled trades. It’s a student-led partnership of education and industry that’s building the skilled workforce our nation depends on with graduates who are career ready, day one. Representing over 380,000 career and technical education students and teachers, SkillsUSA chapters thrive in middle schools, high schools and college/postsecondary institutions nationwide. SkillsUSA’s mission empowers students to become skilled professionals, career-ready leaders and responsible community members. The result? Focused, confident and highly skilled graduates who are ready to work, ready to lead and ready to make a difference in our schools, workplaces and communities. A vital solution to the skills gap, where more in-demand skilled trades positions are available than qualified professionals to fill them, SkillsUSA has served over 14 million difference-making members since 1965.

BlueRecruit is a direct-hire marketplace built for skilled-trade workers who want to grow their career and the companies desperate for their talent. The average blue-collar job requires 4x more hard skills than white-collar jobs; however, the recruiting system for each segment is virtually the same. That is why BlueRecruit removes the inefficiencies of resumes and job posts and focuses on the skills and experiences that matter. BlueRecruit was founded in October 2019 by Rich Camacho and Gina Camacho and is. headquartered in Raleigh. NC. Stay connected with BlueRecruit on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and X (Twitter).

Contact: Rich Camacho
BlueRecruit, CEO