A difference between American trades and Canadian trades is money and currency. Here are some key jobs of the trades and the pay difference between American and Canadian jobs: Plumbers: $68,847CAD but $51,525.09USD; Heavy Equipment Operators: $72,228.00CAD but $54,055.44USD; Carpenters: $73,762CAD but $55,203.48USD; HVAC Installers: $83,766.00CAD but $62,690.47USD; Mechanics: $ 80,329.00CAD but $60,118.22USD; or Electricians: $74,067.00CAD but $55,431.74USD; lastly,  Truck drivers: $77,064.00CAD but $57,674.70USD. Even the highest paid trade jobs are different for each country. 

The highest paid skilled trade in America 2023

The highest paid skilled trade in canada 2023

Construction manager Truck driver
Elevator and escalator installers/repairs Plumbers
Radiation therapists Welders
Nuclear medicine technologists Electricians
Dental hygienists Millwright
Electrical and electronics engineering technician Bricklayer
Aircraft and avionics equipment mechanic and technicians Sheet metal worker
Boilermakers Carpenter
Construction and building inspectors Heavy equipment mechanic
Electricians Chefs

       So you may see the number and trade difference and think “WOW, that is a significant difference”.  Because I sure did, but it takes 1.2 CAD to make up 1 USD. Which means a Canadian dollar is only worth 0.833 USD. In the chart below are the key factors of what give the currency its value, you will see that the factors that affect the USD and the CAD are very different as well. Which would make the pay difference between America and Canada make sense, right? 



Macroeconomic indicators Interest Rates
Monetary policy Economic Performance
Political and geopolitical events Commodity Prices
Market sentiment and investor confidence Political Stability
Trade and current account balances Global Economic Factors
Market speculation and interventions Market Sentiment
Global economic and financial conditions


      And the reason there are different highest paid trades is because the supply and demand are different!(Shocker right?) So yes, the way the two countries handle payment and money and even the skilled trades are very different but the key similarity in all the research is, both countries are in need of the skilled trade workers, luckily one thing they have in common now is BlueRecruit. ( WHOOHOO)  So whether you work in Canada or in America the skilled labor force needs you and we can help get you the right job for you!