Awesome, you have accepted a connection request from an employer and have scheduled a telephonic interview. Telephonic interviews have become an extremely popular way for employers to quickly narrow down the field of potential candidates; thus, it is important to not let your guard down and think that a telephonic interview is any less important. Most telephonic interviews last about 15-30 minutes and are typically used to answer big picture type questions like whether you have the experience, certifications, and availability for a particular job. Thankfully, there are a couple things you can do that are unique to telephonic interviews to give you an edge over the competition.  

1. You Can Cheat a Little

This may sound bad but having a handful of documents in front of you can make your answers far more powerful. I recommend that you have your BlueRecruit profile open in front of you. Chances are that an employer will ask about your background. Believe it or not, but many people get tongue tied when they speak about themselves. No one knows you better than you; however, the nerves of an interview can make answering basic questions difficult. Thus, having your profile open in front of you allows you to quickly reference your own experience and certifications. Other useful documents can be a list of past employer references, and at least three questions that you wish to ask the interviewer. (We’ll get more into what these questions should look like in another article).

2. Stand in Front of a Mirror

Having had a sales career for my entire professional career, I have searched the internet near and wide for all the hottest tips on how to conduct the best sales call. An interview should in large part be considered exactly that, a sales call, you are selling yourself and your ability to perform a job. By far, the single most effective way to project your voice and appear more engaged over the phone with a person is by standing up. Try it out right now, say the following both while sitting and standing and see if you can hear the difference: “BlueRecruit is the best recruiting tool in the USA.”

No one wants to work with people they don’t like, and a smile is the most basic way we humans can show that we are friendly and approachable individuals. Of course, it is impossible to see a smile over the phone. However, when a person is smiling during a conversation, even if you can’t see them, the tone of their voice changes, and we can subconsciously identify the difference. Thus, to ensure you are smiling and projecting a friendly demeanor, I recommend you stand in front of a mirror so that each time you see your reflection it is a reminder to smile. I know, sounds kind of loco, but trust me, it works.

3. Dress the Part

I think most people will read tips number one and two and say, yeah that makes sense. Well, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t share tip number three. Several studies have concluded that when a person dresses in the manner they would for an in-person interview for a telephonic interview, they perform better. The idea behind this is not too radical. Think about it, would a Broadway play ever perform for a live audience without having conducted a full-dress rehearsal, or Nick Saban send his football team on the field without having worn a full set of pads? . . . Of course not, so why would you wear your pajamas and sip coffee in your living room during an interview?  

So if you want to kill your next telephonic interview go stand up in front of a mirror with a few helpful documents in your best outfit.

If you are just starting out on your search, create your BlueRecruit profile and get connected with hiring companies near you today. You can learn more about the trades as well as conduct training, earn certifications, and even explore trade schools and scholarships at BlueCareer.