, BlueRecruit

Autoshop Solutions has announced a new partnership with BlueRecruit, a recruiting platform, to help shops find talent, according to a press release.

With the help of BlueRecruit, Autoshop customers can utilize the “Really Powerful Marketing (RPM) program” to accomplish tasks such as creating custom websites and boosting search engine results to attract potential technicians and service writers.

“Daily, we hear from garage owners of the difficulty they are experiencing finding and connecting with talent,” said BlueRecruit CEO Rich Camacho. “That is why this partnership allows us to better serve the thousands of garages that know and trust our friends at Autoshop Solutions.”

Vice President of Revenue at Autoshop Solutions, Tony Mercury, said that BlueRecruit has “been at the forefront of recruiting for all blue-collar trades,” and that the company is “excited” to “help our auto repair shops find the best talent from across the country.”