From Curiosity to Career

BlueCareer provides in-depth information on more than 135 skilled trades, connects individuals with hundreds of trade schools across the United States and Canada, and provides training resources for those seeking to build their trade knowledge and experience.

Product Features

Personality and Experience Assessment: Elevate your team, school, or organization with a comprehensive assessment. Guide exploration of skilled trades, offering insights into ideal professions based on and individual’s strengths and interests.

Pay and Career Growth Data: Ensure accurate compensation insights with BlueCareer. Access real-time, local pay data tailored to individual skills and experience for informed decision-making.

Video Training by Industry Experts: Propel success with high-quality content from North American experts. Prepare individuals for certification exams, fostering day-one work readiness in skilled trades.

Virtual Training for Hands-On Experience: Immerse your workforce in virtual reality and simulation-based modules. Acquire practical skills, earn certifications, and enhance earning potential in a virtual environment.

Trade School Exploration: Facilitate informed education decisions with access to 600+ accredited trade schools. Navigate effortlessly by location and trade, providing valuable insights for educational paths.

Scholarship Exploration: Simplify scholarship searches by location and trade. Filter opportunities on BlueCareer for streamlined applications directly on the platform.

Job Placement Made Simple: With BlueRecruit, create a profile in five minutes and connect with our expansive employer network. Interview invitations via text eliminate the need for resumes, simplifying the transition to the skilled trades job market.

Track Program Efficacy & ROI: View live insights into product usage and impact. Report on job seeker creation and employer placement.


Workforce Development

Transform workforce readiness with BlueCareer, providing comprehensive assessments, real-time pay data, and expert-led training for high-demand skilled trades.


Empower students with BlueCareer’s seamless exploration of trade professions, virtual training, and access to accredited trade schools and scholarships for informed education and career decisions.

Non-profit Organizations

Empower missions with BlueCareer, offering tailored assessments, real-time pay insights, and virtual training to equip community members for sustainable career growth in skilled trades through impactful non-profit initiatives.


Expand community horizons with BlueCareer, offering patrons skilled trade exploration, assessments, real-time pay insights, virtual training, and information on accredited trade schools and scholarships.

Correctional Facilities

Foster rehabilitation with BlueCareer, equipping incarcerated individuals with skills and insights through assessments, real-time pay data, and virtual training for a successful transition post-release.


Elevate workforce strategies using BlueCareer, providing employees with tailored assessments, accurate pay data, and virtual training for a skilled and adaptable workforce, boosting competitiveness in the skilled trades industry.


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