, BlueRecruit

Instead of wasting your time writing job descriptions that require you to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars posting them on all over the internet and waiting for candidates to find them, we empower you to search for Job Seekers that have the exact hard-skills you demand.

The BlueRecruit platform prevents you and your employees from being buried in an avalanche of resumes from unqualified candidates. Your time to hire and subsequent cost will never be lower.

We encourage you to save your most frequent Job Seeker search profiles to make your future hiring processes even faster.

There is no longer a need for a resume.

The BlueRecruit model is based on saving you time and money by eliminating ineffective resumes. Blue-collar jobs require an average of 4x the number of hard-skills as traditional white-collar jobs. Thus, we quicken the hiring process by focusing on the attributes that matter most. However, you can request a PDF of each of your connected Job Seekers’ profiles here: contact@bluerecruit.us

Every Job Seeker has the opportunity to utilize our third-party partner to verify their certifications, licenses, and education as well as conduct a criminal background and driving history (MVR) check.

After you search for Job Seekers with the hard-skills you seek, simply click on the profile of an interested Job Seeker and send them a Connection Request.

Upon receiving a Connection Request, a Job Seeker will see that your company wishes to speak with them. If interested, the Job Seeker will accept your request and you will immediately receive their contact information to then schedule the appropriate follow-on step. You will never be deducted a Connection Request from your monthly balance unless a Job Seeker accepts your request.

You have the ability to customize the message of your connection request; however, we recommend limiting the initial Connection Request message to your company’s name, website, and a short company description. This strategy is proven to lead to higher Job Seeker conversion and subsequent hires.

On average, every three Connection Requests will lead to subsequent interviews and one hire.

BlueRecruit is designed to provide you with quality Job Seekers in a rapid and easy to use platform. Therefore, we guarantee that when you search for Job Seekers with the skills you desire, you will find individuals with that talent. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your search results, please contact our team at contact@bluerecruit.us and we will immediately work to ensure your satisfaction.

Unlike traditional recruiting firms that charge 15-30% per hire, our low cost model saves our customers an average of 74% per hire.