We have created a series of career guides that includes posts on welders, electricians, carpenters and construction. What if there were a job that combines elements of all of them? You’re in luck! Working in maintenance will give you the opportunity to learn and use skills in all of those areas and many more.

Maintenance jobs can mean a lot of different things, so let me be clear about the roles. There are three general job titles in the field: maintenance worker, maintenance technician and maintenance engineer. Maintenance workers handle general maintenance like plumbing and electrical work. Technicians work in industrial facilities and they are responsible for ensuring the machines run smoothly. Engineers design and build machines that are in industrial facilities. I will focus on the first two throughout the post so you can make the best decision for your circumstances.

If you are looking for a job that will lead to a high-paying career with lots of opportunities, then keep reading because you are on the right track.

How to get a maintenance job? Is it a good job?

There are a few basic requirements for both roles. You will need a high school diploma and to feel confident working with your hands. You should also be a great communicator. I realize that’s a little unusual for people working with anything mechanical, but you’re the person tasked with making repairs. The first step is to find out what the problem is and how it happened. As a new employee, you should also bring a great attitude. There will be lots to learn, and when something breaks, you may have to work long hours to make the repairs. You also have to be very detail-oriented. You will be performing a lot of routine or preventative maintenance, and those projects will need to be documented.

Skilled tradespeople usually get into a field through on-the-job training in an apprenticeship or through attending a vocational program. For these jobs, we see a significant number of people who have both. It’s great to learn in class and then get hands-on experience to really master a skill.

Maintenance Job: Salary & Duties

The salary range for maintenance jobs is from $20-$40/hr. As an apprentice, you will get paid $40K plus full healthcare benefits to learn your craft. Here are some average salaries for different roles:

Millwright: $60,330

Industrial Maintenance Mechanic: $59,840

Maintenance Worker: $$48,900

If you choose to specialize in an industry, you may experience some different salaries. Here are the average salaries for Industrial Maintenance Mechanics by industry:

Manufacturing: $59,820

Construction: $59,770

Wholesale trade: $56,990

Commercial and industrial machinery: $48,720

Maintenance Job: Growth Opportunities

Maintenance jobs have plenty of growth opportunities. You can get additional training in new areas, transition into a new industry, or become a supervisor. Each day is an opportunity to learn and teach. If teaching really excites you, you can join the faculty at a trade school.

Maintenance Job: Openings

I mentioned earlier that maintenance jobs will lead to high-paying careers. In 2020 there were 483,000 Industrial Maintenance Jobs, and that is projected to grow to 553,000 by 2030. That’s around 14% growth. General Maintenance jobs will grow around 5% during the same period.

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A maintenance job will lead to a fulfilling career, and you can take pride in your work. As you become more experienced, you will go from student to teacher and become a more valuable employee. Your skills will translate to a variety of industries, and you will have your choice of jobs. Remember Blue Collars Make Green Dollars! You can learn more about the trades as well as conduct training, earn certifications, and even explore trade schools and scholarships at BlueCareer.

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