Studying for your CDL Permit Exam? Here are a few tips and resources to help you pass the test. The goal is practice over and over before the exam, so the questions will become second nature to you come test day. Best of luck!

Begin Early and Space out your Studying

A single study cream session will not suffice and will not yield the best exam results. Give yourself ample time before the exam to get familiar with the material and get your mind ready for the big day. If you are new to the exam, consider taking a training course online or in-person, which some states require. There are a number of programs you can choose from, so shop around for a course that works best for you.

Take Advantage of Resources

Curious about the CDL exam? Take a look at the DMV CDL study guide, which breaks down the test section by section in terms of the CDL manual. For a detailed, free, comprehensive guide, check out Study Guide Zone’s CDL Test Study Guide. For any CDL certification you are studying for, you’ll have to know general knowledge. Based on the type of CDL you wish to receive, you’ll have to study specific topics, such as School Buses and Hazardous Materials.

To find out which sections you know and which sections you don’t, take a diagnostic exam. Our friends at the Driving Resource Center (DRC) allow you to select your state and take a free, full-length general knowledge practice exam. This diagnostic test will also help you get a feel for the test so you’ll be better prepared on exam day.

Collect Your Study Materials

Do you have everything you need to study? The CDL manual is the most important tool to study. We recommend reading the manual at least two times. You can download the manual on your state’s DMV website, or pick up a hard copy from your local DMV. The DMV endorses, which provides a number of cheat sheets with a money-back guarantee if you do not pass your CDL exam after using the service. You can even consider purchasing a CDL rest prep book. In addition to the skill test, some states might also require you to complete a CDL training course prior to getting officially licensed.

Test Yourself

Review what you need to from the CDL manual, test your knowledge with flashcards and additional practice questions. Union Test Prep offers free CDL flashcards and practice tests based on specific subjects.

When getting your CDL, you’ll be joining thousands of trucking professionals. With a little hard work and enough preparation, you can master the exam.

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