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State of the Trades: Hiring Trends for Q3-22

The Q3 State of the Trades is here! We took a deep dive into the trends of skilled trade hiring from this past summer and there are some really interesting insights that we just have to share.

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Here are our biggest take-aways:

  • Employers continue to remove their minimum education requirement. At the end of Q2, 65% of employers were no longer requiring a minimum education level for jobs, that has grown by 12% for Q3 to 77%.
  • 80% of employers are no longer requiring a clean criminal background for most jobs, that too has grown this quarter by 14%.
  • Not only are points 1 and 2 point removing barriers to increase the talent pool, pay for General Laborers is exceeding worker expectations. There is a delta of ($0.71) between what employers are offering and jobseekers are seeking in terms of compensation for entry-level positions.
    North Carolina, while still in the top 10 of most in demand states, is at their lowest point of the year.
  • For the 3rd Quarter in a row, HVAC Technicians are the most in demand skilled workers in the US.
  • For the first time since the creation of the SoTT, Concrete and Asphalt Installers/Finishers have made the “Most In-Demand Trades” list. While we will need more data to prove this, this is likely a result of the beginning of Infrastructure Bill money trickling into the economy.

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We also know these insights are helpful when hiring, but having this data specific to YOUR industry and location is even better! If you would like a personalized version of the State of the Trades, complete the form below and we will send one your way!


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