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Looking to Help or Need Assistance?

We have supported each other through the Coronavirus and now we need to continue our support through these times of unrest and violence.

Our city of Raleigh was just reopening when peaceful protests turned dangerous. We wholeheartedly support and hear the voices of our peaceful protesters, but to those that chose to tear down our home, more violence is not the answer.

Let’s come together as one to overcome the injustice of our citizens and show the country that Raleigh is better than the violence we have witnessed in so many cities.

If you are a business in Downtown Raleigh that needs help, click the “Need Assistance” button below and let us know how we can help.

, Blue Recruit

If you would like to help our city rebuild, we have created a GoFundMe to raise money for those businesses in need. Just click the button below to donate.

, Blue Recruit

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