Our software creates a seamless transition into the workforce and saves your faculty time and money. We even provide a way for your students to become employed before they graduate.

Product Features

Unlimited Brands & Campuses: Does your school or organization operate under many brands and have multiple campuses? We built Booker to accommodate as many locations as you have.

Unlimited Users: We do not limit or charge for user licenses. Add all of your administrators and placement counselors to Booker. You can even assign each user to the brands and locations they manage, so you keep all of your data organized and in the right hands.

Unlimited Student Invites: Whether your program trains 2 students a month to 2,000 a month, you can invite as many students (even your alumni) to BlueRecruit at no additional cost.

Add Students Easily: We don’t need to know everything about your students, just how to reach and send them an invite to BlueRecruit! Import, add one by one, or create a unique URL that invites your students to complete their sign-up. By only requiring name, phone and email, you can give your students access to our employer network quickly.

Track Employment: As students and graduates are hired through BlueRecruit, we will share their their new employer’s contact information with you right in your Booker dashboard. You will have all the information you need to verify employment and contact the employer in the future, if needed.

Automated Verification: Need to follow up with an employer to re-verify employer? We do this for you! Just let us know what your required verification period is and we will follow up with the employer for you!


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Community Colleges

Workforce Development

Non-Profit Training Organizations

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