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Emily hails from Linden, NC, a small town wedged between Raleigh and Fayetteville.

She is the fourth generation to live on her mom’s family land and loved spending weekends as a kid building, mending, gardening and enjoying farm life. Emily graduated as the Salutatorian from Triton High School and went on to accept the Park Scholarship to NC State University, a four-year fully funded merit based scholarship.

At State, she quickly discovered a passion for entrepreneurship and building things that made an immediate impact in her community. She started her first company, Reborn, her sophomore year of college, to solve the massive problem of textile waste for individuals and businesses. Emily successfully raised several rounds of outside investment capital bringing the company to a sustainable state before looking for her next adventure.

Hearing about BlueRecruit, she was immediately excited, having several members of her family in the trades industry who have struggled to find the right role for their skillset. As Head of Growth, she tackles each day eager to accelerate our growth and serve more people in the trades.

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