The Q1 State of the Trades is here! We took a deep dive into the trends of skilled trade hiring from the start of 2023 and there are some really interesting insights that we just have to share.

Here are our biggest take-aways:, BlueRecruit

  • Q1-2023 marks the first time in over a year that Job Seeker General Laborers are both requesting lower compensation and receiving lower compensation than the previous quarter. This decline is inline with lessening overall inflation rates in Q4-2022 and Q1-2023.
  • Florida, Texas, and North Carolina remain the states with the highest number of skilled trades job opportunities. We anticipate Texas and Florida remaining the nation’s top skilled trades markets.
  • For the second quarter in a row, Automotive Mechanics are the most in demand skilled workers in America. We estimate a current nationwide shortage of 640,000 Automotive Technicians; thus, their demand will only grow throughout 2023.
  • As the weather warms, the need for HVAC Technicians will grow, and we predict them to be the most sought after talent in Q2-2023. We recommend HVAC companies recruit and hire technicians now in preparation for Spring and Summer…July is coming!!!
  • As we predicted in last quarter’s State of the trades, the percentage of Employers that are waving Criminal Backgrounds and Active Driver’s Licenses appears to have topped out in Q4-2022. We do not anticipate that more than 70% of Employers will wave Criminal Backgrounds in 2023.
  • More than half of all Job Seekers are open to relocating for the right opportunity. This is a huge opportunity for Employers to connect with talent outside of their immediate region. Pro Tip: A $5,000 relocation allowance is sufficient compensation to recruit most out of state Job Seekers.
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