As a business owner committed to the growth and sustainability of our industries, I pledge to:

1) Embrace In-House Training: I will prioritize and invest in comprehensive in-house training programs to equip entry-level employees with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their roles and advance within the company.

2) Provide Pathways to Certification: I will create clear pathways for entry-level workers to progress to certified professionals, offering support, mentorship, and resources to help them attain industry-recognized certifications and credentials.

3) Support Continuous Learning: I will encourage and facilitate ongoing learning and professional development opportunities for my employees, including access to workshops, seminars, and industry conferences.

4) Collaborate with Educational Institutions: I will collaborate with educational institutions and training providers to bridge the skills gap, aligning curriculum with industry needs and offering internship, apprenticeship, and job placement programs.

5) Advocate for the Skilled Trades: I will actively advocate for the value and importance of skilled trades careers, promoting awareness and appreciation for the contributions of skilled professionals to our economy and society. This includes working to eliminate the negative stigma historically associated with skilled trades and showcasing how the industry has evolved with modern technology, safety standards, and career advancement opportunities.

By taking this pledge, I commit to playing an active role in shaping the future of skilled trades, supporting the next generation of professionals, and building a strong and vibrant workforce for generations to come.