If you’re a Veteran and want to start a career in the skilled trades, you might be able to get help from your GI Bill benefits. The GI Bill gives Veterans educational and training benefits, including money for trade schools.

Here’s what you can get:

  • Tuition and Fees: The GI Bill can cover the full cost of public in-state tuition and fees. They have set rates for private and foreign schools (these rates change every year).
  • Housing Money: If you go to school at least half-time, you can get money for housing. The amount you get depends on the cost of living and is based on an E-5 pay rate.
  • Money for Books and Supplies: You can get up to $1,000 per school year for books and supplies.
  • Moving Assistance: If you live in a rural area and need to move at least 500 miles to go to school or have no other option but to fly by plane, you may qualify for a one-time payment.

As a Veteran, you have access to these benefits and can use them to pursue a career in the skilled trades. So, what should you do next? Here are some steps to make your transition into the trades easier:

  1. Choose a skilled trade: There are different trades to choose from, like welding, plumbing, carpentry, HVAC, and electricians. Pick the one that matches your interests and skills.
  2. Determine eligibility: To use your GI Benefits for trade school, you must be eligible for the Post 9/11 or the Montgomery GI Bill.
  3. Find a school or training program: Look for a school or program that offers the trade education you need.
  4. Apply for benefits: Fill out the necessary paperwork to apply for your GI Bill benefits.
  5. Get certified: Complete the required training and certifications for your chosen trade.
  6. Create a jobseeker profile: Consider creating a jobseeker profile on BlueRecruit to help you find job opportunities in the skilled trades.

We highly encourage every, regardless of industry, to obtain their OSHA 10 certification. We have a fantastic partnership with CareerSafe that provides BlueRecruit users discounted pricing. You can learn more and get started here.

In conclusion, as a Veteran interested in starting a career in the skilled trades, your GI Bill benefits can support your education and training. By following these steps, you can take the necessary actions to enter a successful career. To learn more and apply for the GI Bill, click here.