HVAC system tuneups are commonly considered an unnecessary expense and a waste of time. But this misconception simply isn’t true. It is said to think of it like a car inspection or an annual doctor visit. The machine could continue to run without tuneups, but you are going to run into unexpected costs of repairs, and a shorter system lifespan. It is suggested that you have your HVAC machine serviced two times a year, in the spring and in the fall. Therefore, it is in great shape before the harsh summer and winter months. Listed below are six benefits to having the HVAC system tuneups. 

  1. Longer Lifespan- an AC unit has the estimated lifespan of 10-15 years, with the annual tune ups you can avoid a premature unit replacement and potentially avoid the inconvenience of having a total system failure. 
  2.  Higher Efficiency- with a unit running with solid parts and clean surfaces the cooling and filtering process uses less energy to make your home the desired temperature faster and more efficiently. 
  3. Reduced Utility Bills- with a higher efficient system which uses less energy your utility bill will decrease from the decrease in power and energy. 
  4. Increased Air Quality- part of the tune up is for the technician to clean the system and filters. When your filters are clean, they are the most effective at filtering your air. Giving your home better air quality. 
  5. Accurate Comfort- the technicians are there to make sure your unit is running efficiently and properly. Part of that is making sure your unit gets to the desired temperature in a timely manner. Small adjustments can go a long way to provide even and consistent cooling. 
  6.  Fewer Repairs and Breakdowns- The benefit of the tune up is to fix it before it is fully broken. Getting the tune up will help avoid the full breakdown of the system during prime time seasons. Plus getting it fixed in spring and/or fall will benefit you by saving your time and money. 

 So in conclusion, get your tune ups now and you will not have to worry about the unexpected breakdowns. Make sure to do proper research to find the best company near you!